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NEPIA Genki Premium Nappies Newborn 44+1PK (NB45)  (In Stock)

Size No. of Nappies Baby's Weight Unit Cost Price Qty  
Newborn 45 Up to 5 Kg $ 0.27 $25.00 $12.00


Shipping Weight


NEPIA Genki 2.00 Kg 56251

Detail about this product

Made by OJI, Japan's largest paper product company


Genki nappies have "Multi Channel" absorption layer, so their absorption speed is quicker than Merries, Moony and GOO.N, but similar to Pampers  


1.Unique 3D technology: Dots and Wave combined texture for inner layer;

2.Super Absorbency: up to 12 hours protection

3.Super Elastic Waistband for better fit on babies;

4.Powerful side and back leakage block;

5.Wetness Indicator: Color will change to blue from yellow after baby pees;

6.Softness: soft like baby's skin;


*The real packaging may be different from the image.

TAPE Type. Soft diapers made to be gentle on a newborn's skin.

1:Form-fitting back. 2:Nepia's original deep embossing.

3:Soft and gentle on the skin.

Diaper designs. NB & S size: Each package contains 1 of 5 designs. M, L, & XL size: Each package contains 1 of 4 designs.

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