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PIGEON Baby Wipes Refill 1Carton 2880pcs (80x6x6)  (In Stock)


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PIGEON 9.00 Kg 11923 96.00

Detail about this product


PIGEON baby wipes contain more than 99% purified water. Cleaning of baby’s bottom is effortless with the embossed petal design, while at the same time providing maximum softness for ultimate comfort and care during wiping.


Using the right combination of fabric and an intricate technique in weaving the fibres, PIGEON is able to offer an ultra soft wipe for baby smooth skin. The fabric of these wipes are made very soft, they soothe baby’s skin yet at the same time weaved to perfection to take on the rigors of cleaning without tearing.

  1. Super Soft Wipes
  2. Embossed sheet for better cleaning
  3. 99% Pure Water
  4. Thickness is similar to Moony regular wipes, both 15% thicker than GOO.N
  5. Fragrance Free and Paraben Free
  6. Alcohol Free
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