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Chu Chu Disposable Breast Pads 150 Pads  (In Stock)


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CHU CHU 2.00 Kg 1210535 22.00

Detail about this product

CHU CHU Breast Pads have been in NZ since 2006. Ranked as a lot of mums as the most absorbent breast pads.

MADE IN JAPAN, Super Absorbent, Soft and Discreet.  
Chu Chu's newly improved breast pads ensures perfect fit  
with its unique 3D contoured shape.

A lot of breastfeeding mums have a wrong practice of using breast pad. They think the same breast pad can be used for a long time as long as it is not quite soaked.

Mum's breast milk contains many nutrients which could cause bacteria and mould by reacting with oxygen in the air, so breast pads should be changed and discarded as soon as they become damp.

All the major manufacturers in the world suggest pad change should be done every 2-4 hours while nursing. Doing so lessens the risks of nipple and breast infection, especially in hot summer time. Otherwise these bacteria on your nipple will be passed on to your babies when you breastfeed them.

In Japan, Chu Chu breast pad is famous for its absorbency , super thin design and its wetness locking system. Chu Chu is not only famous in Japan, it is also the actual manufacturer for some leading American and European breast pads.     

Every single pad is individually packed in its own inner packet, and it has back adhesive strip which can secure each pad in place.

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