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Chu Chu Wide Neck PPSU Bottle 240ml with Training Teat 2 Bottles
$50.00 $29.00
GOO.N Baby Wipes Refill 1Pack 420pcs (70X6)
$16.00 $14.00
Philips Avent Combined Steamer & Blender
$249.99 $180.00
GOO.N 99% Water Regular Baby Wipes 70PK
$4.50 $3.50
Elis Megami Ultra Thin Day Pads 23cm 20PK
$11.00 $8.00
Elis Megami Ultra Thin Day Pads 27cm 18PK
$11.00 $8.00
Elis Megami Slim Day Pads 27cm 18PK
$11.00 $8.00
Elis Ultra Guard Overnight Pads 36cm 14PK
$13.00 $11.00
Elis Ultra Guard Overnight Pads 40cm 12PK
$13.00 $11.00
GOO.N 99% Water Regular Baby Wipe Dispenser 70PK
$13.00 $10.00
Chu Chu Disposable Breast Pads 3Packs 420pcs (140x3) NEW
$72.00 $64.00
MOONY Flushable Baby Wipes Refill 1Carton 1600pcs (50x8x4)
$100.00 $76.00
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When I first became a mum 11 years ago, one of my friends bought me 2 packs of Japanese nappies as a gift for my first child. Those Japanese nappies had a very special brand GOO.N. But after trying those nappies, I immediately made a decision that I would only use GOO.N in future on my little one. They were so different from others in NZ at that time. I had never seen any other disposable nappies which could be made that soft and comfy.Besides, GOO.N was almost half of Huggies thickness, however one GOO.N nappy could hold as much as a Huggies nappy, and GOO.N nappies were always dryer than Huggies. After this Bestnappies site started supplying other Japanese nappies in NZ, I also bought all the other Japanese nappies, like Merries and Moony etc, they were all superb, and similar in many ways in terms of softness, thickness and dryness. Up to now I have been almost only using Japanese nappies on all my 5 kids since 11 years ago. Now my fifty child has already outgrown nappy age.Japanese nappies were really the best nappies for my babies, GOO.N was the best for girl and newborn babies.

Anna Hartley
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